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A Scrum Master's
Guide to Happiness

Find your purpose to navigate the complexities of life

A Scrum Master’s Guide to Happiness is available as paperback. Get ready to embark on your own journey toward happiness and order your copy now!

I love the personal life examples of Scrumpy Dad

packed with proven practices and tools

looking forward to applying these strategies with my family

About the book:

In our pursuit of happiness for ourselves and our loved ones, we all face challenges. In relationships, education, work, health. On this journey, filled with unplanned changes, painful setbacks, and uncomfortable unknowns, how do you stay loyal to your goals and values?

The Scrum Master’s Guide to Happiness provides powerful practices and tools to take control of your life’s journey and to increase your ability to adapt when needed.

Using the step-by-step instructions and templates in this book, you’ll learn to identify your purpose and values, effectively plan and execute your goals, and continuously improve as you go.

The personal stories from the author provide all the proof and inspiration you need to start your journey towards happiness.


Evelien Acun-Roos

Professional Knowledge Sharer

I loved reading this book, full of practical tips and exercises. This book is highly engaging and practical and gives you an idea of how to bring more personal and professional happiness to your life. It helps you define, plan, and execute your plans on the road to happiness. This is all done so that you want to grab a paper and do the exercises; it guides you step by step and adds checks and valuable tips.

Herman made this book very personal by sharing his challenges, learnings, and questions he answered himself along the way. This book is a great life companion, a practical guide that not only teaches you about the principles of happiness but activates you towards the realization of it—highly recommended for anyone seeking a genuine and transformative journey toward increased happiness.

Gunther Verheyen

Independent Scrum Caretaker

At some point in his professional work as a Scrum Master, Herman Meeuwsen discovered the value of using his coaching and facilitation tools and techniques at home. It helped him navigate some major complexities in his life. Herman, aka Scrumpy Dad, has now collected and documented his approach and how they benefit him in his book A Scrum Master’s Guide to Happiness. Check it out. It might help you navigate the complexities of your life, too.

Who is Scrumpy Dad?

Herman has worked in leadership roles for over 20 years in many organizations, interacting with people from various cultures and backgrounds. As a seasoned Scrum Master and Agile Coach, he trains and coaches individuals, teams, and management in Agile and Scrum to build high-performance teams and organizations.

Herman started applying Agile and Scrum practices at home and discovered the power of these proven practices for personal use, not just for himself but also for his partner and kids. He shares his journey as Scrumpy Dad on Medium and LinkedIn and inspires people across the globe with his personal stories and practical guidance.

Herman Meeuwsen
aka Scrumpy Dad

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